Thursday, January 1, 2009

I accidently deleted my blog....

If this looks is because I accidently deleted my blog...and I now I am having to go back to try to fix it. Oh dear! It looks pretty unfixable at this point.

I was doing a little New Year's house cleaning and accidently deleted the wrong file...everything is gone....I feel like I have had a house fire!!!!!!
I wasn't even able to save my photo albums.
7 Months of heartfelt blogging gone!!!!
Please if you had me listed as a favorite, please add me back!
If I had you listed on my blog roll, please let me know...I don't have anyone's address
my address book was burned in the fire.
Guess I should have added to the
"I follow these blogs on my profile"
then all would not be lost!

Please, if you know my fellow blog friends, let them know there has been a "blog" house fire and I've lost everything!

P.S. I had just finished a HUGE LONG post on the "real" house. Which we are not in yet, by the way. I will try to repost the post tomorrow. Now I am just plum wore out!


salmagundi said...

Oh, my!! Did you really delete everything? I can hardly wait to see pictures - must see the details and the colors! So glad you are back. I've thought about you often! Sally

salmagundi said...

I feel so bad - I want to help, but am so stupid about these things. Hang in there and try not to get too discouraged. Your public awaits to view your gorgeous new home! Sally

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

I follow your blog faithfully! I'm glad you are still linked to my blog since I follow you! I have enjoyed seeing the progress of your beautiful home and always enjoyed your posts.

Good luck as you rebuild your blog!!!

Jamie @ Dear Diary...

card crafted said...

Hi there, long time follower, first time poster here, lol. I'm loving following your relocation and especially love hearing all about your thrift store bargains. It's all good, but the thrift store posts are the best....for someone like me who LOVES thrift shop treasures.

Anyhoo, I know JUST how you feel about losing all your posts and pics, but don't worry you can see them again, it's do-able.

I'm not savvy enough to help get them reinstated at the click of a button, but I can send a link to the page where you'll see them all in once place, complete with pics. Then, if you feel up to it, you can save your pics and re-do your posts. Even if you don't, it's nice to be able to get the pics back at least.

I tried to find an email address in your profile but you don't have one listed, but if you'd like to email me, I'll send the link.

You can get me at

i was just gonna (at) aol dot com

the bit before the (at) is all one word (spaced it out as I don't want the spambots to pick up my email and bomard me, lol.

Happy to help if you'll let me.

bj said...

o my gosh, Jill...this is my worst nightmare...I would just about die if I deleted mine. I am so sorry you've lost all the photos and comments and ....oh, dear.
Well, you can just start over and it will be just fine. I am sure you have most of your photos in MY PICTURES and you can redo a lot of older posts... So sorry, girl...

Jenni said...

OH No... Please tell everyone how not to have this happen to them. At least you can start from scratch and learn from everything you did with the ol' blog.

writing4612 said...

If you backup your computer regularly to a disk, your files should be on there.

I csme over from Carrie's Little World. I hate that it happened.

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