Monday, March 30, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!

I sure wish it would stop raining/snowing here!
I need to get in the garden and start planting more seeds.
Just about the time, it dries out enough...we get a gully washer!
Rumor has it, that some of my family members already have much of their garden planted, especially different varieties of lettuce and spicy radishes.
I need to purchase some garden wellingtons "wellies" so I can prance around in my garden even when it is a bit mucky.
I really like these...

Unfortunately they are discontinued. I did find them on amazon for $120. Whew... a bit out of my price range, but aren't they too cute!

Now Target has some really cute garden wellies and they are much more affordable. This cute pair is only $25. We are heading up to Kansas City next weekend, I think I will have to drop into Target!

As I mentioned before I was able to get some potatoes planted and a couple rows of asparagus.

Potatoes are fun to plant!
After the eyes were cut out, there was a lot of potato left over. I found a delicious Bacon & Potato chowder and whipped up a big, bubbling pot of soup!

You can click on the recipe and print it out for your own recipe box!
I did a little thrift store shopping a couple weekends ago and found a basket of hydrangeas, an adorable cabbage tureen with matching salt and pepper shakers and a Victoranish picture for my bathroom. I will be sharing pictures of these this week with you!
One of my faithful blog followers, asked me where I purchased my sugar and flour cannisters. Why just at the local Wal-Mart, and for a song no less!
Hope everyone gets to go out in play in beautiful spring sunshine this week!
Me included!


salmagundi said...

If it is true that our weather moves east to you, I think you can plan on some more moisture!! Looks like it could rain/snow here any minute, with more forecasted off and on the rest of the week. Looking forward to seeing your latest thrift store finds. I'm jealous you are going to KC this weekend. I hope to maybe go there in May - I've been wanting to check out Nell Hill's new store for inspiration, plus we have friends we always visit. Have a great week and a fun weekend. Sally

Stacey said...

Oh another recipe. Thanks! How do you make them cute like that?

Check Stein Mart for the rain boots too. They are cheap and cute.

kimmcl said...

Hi Jill! Oh, I so hear you about this weather. Doesn't Mother Nature know that the calendar says it's Spring!!! C"mon already!!! I can't wait to see your thrift store finds!! I'm going thrifting on Friday and it can't get here soon enough! ~~KiM~~

Lavender Dreamer said...

Oh, the boots are adorable! Love your post! Sounds like we are all ready for Spring!

Joy said...

Dh planted taters a couple weekends ago. It is great to have fresh produce in the summer. Love those boots!

Shanda said...

Love the polka dot boots,I need new ones, mine has a hole in the side. Hope my Target will have some like that.
I still don't have my potatoes planted yet. That is on my list for tomorrow, get seed potatoe starters and cabbage plants. I did get a few purple and yellow onions carrots, peas and all my lettuce planted today. It is sapossed to rain again tomorrow so maybe it will come up.

Lisa said...

I think the red polka dot boots are precious. They've got your name on them!

Femin Susan said...

You are having dreadful ran there. then parcel me some for here we haven't seen it since ages. The boots are surely adorable.

Lisa said...



Sharon said...


Thanks for sharing the recipe, it sounds yummy and perfect for the rain/snow that we are getting too :) I look forward to seeing your thrift shop finds. Oh, cute wellies too! I did find a pair of the Toile pattern on e-bay if you are a size 11.

Lea said...

LOVE THE boots!


Anonymous said...

Morning Jill! I thought of you yesterday and wanted to give you a heads up! If you have a HomeGoods in your area they are selling two milk bottles in a milk crate and guess what the bottles say:?? "Hickory Hill Farms"! Thought of you immediately! ($14.99 for the whole set!) Have a great day - Sincerely, Jeannette

Anonymous said...

I have a wonderful potato recipe, it's not mine but found on the site...check it out.

It's Emeril's recipe.

Love the blog.

KarenHarveyCox said...

Your garden chowder recipe looks wonderful. Those wellies are just too gorgeous! Your blog is lovely, I meandered over from Penny's place and I am so glad, and the music is divine!


kimmcl said...

No Jill, I can't wait much longer to see your thrifty finds! I'm not above begging you know! LOL!!! I'm goin thriftin all day tomorrow and I can hardly wait I'm so darn excited!

Sit A Spell said...

Great first visit. Yep, too much $ for me too, but sure are cute. We have had a lot of snow/rain here too...with more on the way! Spring break next week will be a snowy one...sigh.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Jill, sorry about your computer problems; those can be so frustrating.

Love the wellies...I found some at Stein Mart with a floral pattern on them...too cute.


Kim's Treasures said...

Love the boots! It is still WAY too cold to even think about planting anything here : (

Have a wonderful weekend!

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