Monday, May 4, 2009

Fountain Search

The blogger's block is still here. And I am telling on myself....I haven't even looked at the computer in about 2 weeks.

Lindsey has started playing softball and I have volunteered to be an assistant coach. Bet you didn't know that I played softball since I was 5 years old and continued playing until I was about 19 years old! I dug out the old ball glove and have been literally having a "ball" ever since!
My official title is outfield coach/pitching machine operator!

I've also been substituting a lot at school, 4 days just last week. There isn't going to be any classroom teacher openings this next year, but maybe next year I will have a room of my own. I have already been dreaming of how I am going to decorate my classroom. Can you believe it...ME dreaming of decorating something! I am daydreaming of a cute country school look with a Debbie Mumm schoolbus lamp, willow baskets of apples and country plaid curtains. Debbie Mumm has even created school bulletin board borders and calendar sets. It is taking every bit of will power not to start stocking up!

In between all this madness we managed to get our driveway pad poured, curved sidewalk and a back patio. Doug and I did a bit of landscaping out front, planting barberry bushes, hostas and ferns. I am on the lookout for an outdoor concrete fountain. We went on a huge drive yesterday but didn't find anything that struck my fancy. I just called a place in Kansas City and they have a huge selection, the lady on the phone told me I needed to get up there in a hurry though. With Mother's Day quickly approaching...they sell out FAST!

Okay...I gotta go!
My heart is racing...and I think I need to strip out of these jammies and jump in some sort of vehicle and head out to find my fountain....I am afraid they will be all gone by the time I get there. This is sort of like the rummage sale panic I experience every Saturday morning!

I will try to write something more often!
If I don't get beaned in the head by a softball!


Kim's Treasures said...

I hope you find the fountain of your dreams! I know that panic feeling well!

Smilingsal said...

I guess you sub at elementary levels, because high school teachers are not usually "into" decorating rooms.

Shanda said...

Glad to hear from you Jill, with that beautiful home and those lovely young children, who has time to blog???. I completly understand, I am at the computer about 75% less this time of year and I make no apologies for it, so much to enjoy outside this time of year and this is when I start to emerge from my winter cocoon and really enjoy life.

I noticed you planted Barberry, I just removed all mine this year, I had 11 of the marroon, planted on the front border for accent color, they were growing like crazy after about the 3rd year and were reaching out over the landscaping border, needing trimming really bad. Oh boy to they have some devilish splinters, they have a tiny end barb it breaks off deep into skin and causes a bad festering place and needs immediate attention. No matter how carful I wastrimming, I keep getting these splinters, so I just finally had it. They are pretty and have a very nice shape, just very hard to manage and deal with. I once did a lady's hair and she had over 30 splinters in just one hand, it was funny, she was a smoker and her hand and fingers were so sore and infected, she couldn't do her lighter, HA! ha!, that should make her stop. No kidding though, her hand looked bad.

Have fun with the softball, I was once a player too, I loved it, but stopped after highschool, no daughters, so I have never got to be around it again. Good for you, enjoy.


salmagundi said...

I just got back from KC and didn't see a single fountain, but then again I wasn't looking for one!!! I bet there will be lots of them left when you get there. Good luck in your search. If you have a chance while in KC, go to Nell Hill's - there were scads of the most gorgeous garden urns there plus so much more. Glad you are back - be careful with that softball!! Sally

Lea said...

I love that fountain!


Liz said...

So good to hear from you Jill! Sound your a busy girl! :)


Pam said...

I love decorating the classroom!!! If you love Debbie Mumm, check out for classroom specific items with her beautiful designs..

Anonymous said...

Jill - I have a great source for a concrete outdoor fountain for you! Try Hundreds of outdoor fountains.

Maggie said...

Jill just love your pretty pics and your blog reads like a good friend. Love the sale prices you share(I will have to mark down some items at my booth. (hmmm)Have fun digging and share when you can. Found a beautiful website for fabric yummy and cheap

workhard said...

That fountain is beautiful..

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