Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Taking a bit of a break...

I had considered deleting my blog.
But then I would get inspired with a wallpaper sample and think what a neat background that would make...
and then I would find something and think, I can't wait to blog about this!
But I really need to organize the basement.
Two moves in six months...
Well, let's just say I need to downsize and organize a bit.
I also have some scrapbooking that I desperately need to catch up on
and I can't concentrate on that until some of this "stuff" is outa here! I bought a Cricut Create with birthday money and I so WANT to do some SCRAPBOOKING!!!
So I am havin' a garage sale and I'm doing my fall cleaning.
So I will be gone for a little while.
But don't worry blogging buddies.
I will get to visit you more now on my coffee breaks!
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