Saturday, December 31, 2011

Vintage French Country

One of the advantages to being a teacher is the Christmas break, and was I ever in need of a break. Being a homemaker at heart, I really needed some quality time with my home. I needed an abundance of stress free hours to putter and preen. In November I was able to sell my (not my style) dining room furniture and replace it with vintage French Provencial pieces. They are rustic and in need of some TLC, but they had the look I wanted. I had been reading many blogs about Annie Sloan Chalk paint and decided that chalk painted furniture was my new love! The painting and reupholstering will have to wait until June, but I just couldn't resist playing with my "new" vintage furniture.
When we first brought the little dining room set home, I thought, "uh oh" maybe it is too little. Furniture is so ginormous nowadays. I wasn't exactly sure how it would work with my high ceilings. Once we brought the china cupboard in, and I added some items on top, I started to get excited! This was exactly the look I love. I have a vintage floral picture that will go up even higher on the wall, and I am going to hang some white ironstone dishes on the wall. Of course, I need a cute, French Country oval rug to go under the table.

What has been so fun about my new dining room design, is that I can use some of my more cutsie treasures that have been down in the basement on a storage shelf. The little porcelain rabbit was a recent thrift store find. My black bird cage came from a garage sale. It was originally white and I spray painted it black. Inside is a wee glass rabbit candle holder that Doug gave me over 10 years ago. It looks so charming when lit.

While on a shopping trip over a year ago, I found this burlap throw pillow. Being a follower of the Fabulous Fifi blog, I knew instantly that it needed to belong to me. It had been sitting on a shelf in my closet. Now it has a perfect home in my vintage dining room!
A friend gave me the rusty bird bath years ago. Yes, they were also resigned to some sad storage area. I love rusty, paint chipped, distressed things, I always have. Styles may come and go, but I have learned that the things I enjoy having in my home are still the same. Anytime I buy into something trendy, I lose interest in it.

I love lamps and have them scattered all over my house, I have them sitting on little shelves and perched on top of my kitchen cabinets. This beauty came from a thift store in Colorado Springs. It is one of my favorites!
I also found this wonderful soup tureen and that same thrift store. Makes me inspired to cook a yummy wintery soup and dine in my new dining room.

Another iron rusty item! This teapot is over 10 years old and has traveled with me to every home we have ever lived in. It came from a wonderful tearoom about an hour from where I live. Years ago, I collected everything teapot I came across, so I have quite a collection of charming tearoom items. I really should open my own tearoom/garden shop someday.
Hope you have enjoyed visiting my vintage French Country dining room. It is definitely going to be a work in progress, but it is great fun to have a new decorating adventure in the works.

'Till we meet again!

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