Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cozy Little Corners

Dear Friends,
Do you like cozy corners?
I always have liked to tuck my little flea market finds into cozy little vignettes.
Now, it is really hard to take pictures
of cozy corners because the lighting isn't very good...
the whole reason that they're cozy!
Great lighting, or not, here are some cozy corners in Hickory Hollow...

This is a cozy corner in my laundry room. I found this primitive country shelf at a garage sale last year. It was too wide, but my favorite husband, Doug trimmed the sides for me so I could squeeze it between the wall and my cabinet. Of course I needed a little lamp for cute lighting. This is also a great place to display a couple of country aprons. My mom gave me the teacup embroidered one for Christmas.

My friend Cheryl, made me an herbal wreath for my birthday! Isn't it precious. Cheryl loves all things cozy and toile. If in a pinch I run out of herbs in the pantry, I probably could harvest a couple of stems from here!

~ A Cozy Kitchen Corner ~
Here is a cozy corner tucked between my built-in pantry and my black cupboard.
This a perfect place to tuck in another apron. Cheryl also made this for me for my birthday.
Remember when I found the free Susan Branch apron pattern and shared it with you?
Well, Cheryl made me a toile Susan Branch apron!

A little red berry wreath and teapot hanger.

On the other side of my cupboard is a stack of baskets.
They are my Longabergers. Much to pretty hide in a closet.

I bought these several years ago.
So glad that I choose a red, green & gold liner!
The one on the bottom is a cupcake basket.
It has a wooden tray that sits in it so you can transport a dozen cupcakes!

A little wire hen.
Usually she sits on my kitchen table with flowering plant.

~Cozy Living Room Corner~
I cozied up a corner in my living room with a new plaid curtain.
Love, Love LOVE this curtain!
My inspiration was from looking at pictures of Paula Deen's living room.

I tucked in my little white wicker table.
This was the table I bought at the country auction, some of you may remember.
Behind it is a mirror that I daringly painted black!

Love this little pot of posies and the glazed pears!

~A Cozy Counter Corner~
Goodness, I play with this corner all the time.
Sometimes I have my flour and sugar containers sitting out
with their toile teacup scoops. Sometimes I have a basket of seasonal cookbooks nestled in here.
Just last week, I remembered a thrifty painted tray I had and thought that would be great to add behind Mr. Rooster. My Rooster is a pitcher, what great thrifty find!

I am on the lookout now for a cozy little chair to add to a corner in my bedroom.
I want to make myself a little reading nook.

I have been keeping very busy this past week!
I am substitute teaching for an extended time in 1st. grade.
I even get to do some lesson planning!
March will be here soon,
so I have been gathering rainbows, leprechauns, and shamrocks
for some fun things to do with the children to decorate the classroom.
Today I am off to purchase green glitter!
Dangling shamrocks need to be glittery, don't they?
I want to say *Hi* to all my new followers!
Welcome to Hickory Hollow.
And THANK YOU to all who leave me such wonderfully sweet comments.
I do try to return the visit, but sometimes, I just don't make it.
But just know that your comments brighten MY day!
See You Soon!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Wishes

Dear Friends,
Hope you are enjoying a very lovely Valentine's Day!
It has been so cold and so wintery white, I felt that I needed a reminder that greener days are coming soon!
I treated myself to a bouquet of red tulips.
They smell so green!

Tulips and a bunny...
makes me think

Lindsey and I baked and decorated sugar cookies yesterday.
So much fun!

Loved the heart sprinkles.

Oooh, here is another reminder of Spring!
Tasty chocolate dipped strawberries.
I am already planning on planting
50 strawberry plants this spring.
Sweet, delicious homegrown strawberries...

A cute way to celebrate Valentine's Day!
Sometimes we just need a nudge
to make a day special.
Do something a bit out of the ordinary.

If you have been a follower of my blog for awhile,
you will know that it isn't a holiday for Jill unless I have a special whimsical sweater to wear.

Isn't this a cute one for Valentine's Day!

There are little heart-shaped charms along the bottom of the sweater.
The buttons have beaded hearts sewn on them.
Yes, I found it at a thrift store!

Some of you may remember that I found a little shabby pillow in a thrift store that had these adorable gold hearts sewn on it.
I retrieved the hearts and made a bracelet. I love that it looks vintage and Victorian.

I have a couple of cute recipes I want to share with you!

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your sweeties.

I looked at the window just now and guess what I saw?
Hmph...More SNOW!

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