Monday, April 13, 2009

Dining Room Design

I have hit blogger's block! I haven't posted much lately because I can't seem to come up with anything to blog about...I seem to have exhausted the gardening subject for now. So I thought to myself, what is it that I really like to see when I visit other blogs. I really like to see how they have decorated their home. I love to take the tour. That got me to thinking that I haven't shared many pictures with you of my dining room, and I have added some Nell Hill touches recently.

~ Visiting the Dining Room ~

A little corner decorated with finds found at garage sales, thrift stores and the flea market. The lamp came from Hobby Lobby and the wool rug I found at Lowe's. The little table was my Grandma B's.

I made this monogram G picture
using a frame from Dollar Tree and some scrapbook paper.

Here we are in the dining room peeking into the kitchen.
Love how the gold and the red flow so well together, they are the colors in the dining room upholstery. Underneath this new wall pocket, I would like a little chair with a stylish monogramed throw pillow!

This is a new dining room addition. I found the wall pocket at the flea market and added the ivy. In this picture you can see the paint color more correctly, it is reddish bittersweet. A friend of mine named it Rusty Pumpkin. The walls do look a bit orangey in these pictures, but it really isn't orange, all the light that comes from the big dining room windows makes it take on this orange hue.

I knew I just needed something on the other side of the windows, so last week I was scouting out plates to hang on the wall. This was definitely a Nell Hill inspired shopping trip. After looking around about 40 different booths, I found the perfect stack of plates for the perfect price! I wasn't sure about the turquoise color on the plates, but I thought they might just play beautifully with the wall color.

A closeup of the plates, all four are the same design.
In another booth, I found a matching bowl.

A very grand tassel found a home decorating the handle of the china cabinet, I found her at the flea market last week too!
Inside the china cabinet are silver and white dishes that I have been collecting through the years. I recently started picking up affordable silver serving pieces.
Victoria magazine has always been my inspiration for gorgeous serving pieces, especially their more vintage issues of the 1980's.

Just this past weekend, I served Cherry Preserves in this darling silver and crystal bowl. Isn't that spoon so very cute and dainty.

Here is a closeup of the dining room fixture. It coordinates with the foyer's fixture. The balls that look gilded are actually a metallic green with a crackle finish, the shades are an amber.

Looking into the dining room from the foyer. When I first got this grape ivy plant it was in a little 4" pot. He is just going bananas. A friend of mine in Colorado gave me the metal trellis. One day, I got the idea to stick it in this urn to give the ivy something to curl its tendrils on. I went out to the woods and found some moss and have placed it on top of the soil, I really like that conservatory/Mediterranean look!
Hope you have enjoyed visiting me and my dining room.
I'm hoping blogging inspiration will come back and I will have more interesting things to share!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jill! I've missed you! Oh, this is definately what I want to see - your beautiful house!
I love the color of your walls and have you've decorated this room! It's just so gorgeous, Jill! You are very good. I have just bought the Nell Hill's book and am just loving it!
You have the touch! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I have been reading your blog now for a very long time....I love it! I just recently started a blog myself and it is very hard to come up something to blog about all the time! Your new home is just lovely!
Hugs, Patti

Barb said...

Hi Jill, so good to see you back. Your dining room is lovely and so is your new blog design.

I have two of Nell Hills them.


Salmagundi said...

No need to apologize - that was a great post! Those plates look wonderful with your paint color. I'm amazed how many pieces of silver I see at the thrift stores - guess people are like me they don't like to polish it. I have probably 40 serving pieces of silver under the bed that we got for wedding presents 50 years ago. All these years I've moved them from house to house and under the bed to bed. Never used them except for the coffee service and several platters at our daughter's wedding. And the sad part is I love them and would never get rid of them. I REALLY must get them out to display!! Have a great week. I'm looking forward to future posts from you with more tours of your house. Sally

Unknown said...

Super Snassy! Your really classing the joint up! :) I love the framed monogram. I'm soooo copying that sweet idea!:)

Seriously, Jill! It is so elegant! Your doing a beautiful job!


Stacey said...

Jill, I was so excited to see your dining room. Your new home is gorgeous girl!

Joyce said...

Love your DR. It is so pretty.

Karen said...

Hi Jill!
I am here from my friend Shanda's blog Front Porches, Sweet Tea, Old Aprons. And I've had such fun strolling through your blog! Your home is beautiful and your posts are just great. I know I'll be back!
Thanks! Karen

Redbud Cottage said...

You must stay up all night for everything you seem to accomplish! You really seem to have the "touch". blessings, pam

Kim said...

Hi Jill, I've had a little bit of bloggers block myself recently. I enjoyed the tour of your lovely dining room. I have a question about your ivy plant - is it really called "grape ivy"?? I would like something like that for the inside of my home too. Thanks Jill!

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Jill; Your dinning room is so very beautiful. Love those plates they really do shine in the room. You have some very lovely things. Thanks for the tour.


southerninspiration said...

Oh, Jill, I understand the feeling. I've felt un-inspired lately, too. But I have missed your posts, and I DO love the tour of your is beautiful!!!

Please show us more!!! :)

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Hi Jill- Your dining room is magazine worthy! I love, love, love the paint color. I am wanting something similar, the rust undertones are perfect for my place. I like mixing reds and oranges! Thank you for sharing your beautiful space.

SmilingSally said...

Did you get to use that fabulous new dining room this past Easter Sunday?

Sharon said...

Very beautiful Jill! I love how you decorate and the wonderful color of the walls :) May I ask what it is?

~Have a Blessed Day!

joyh82 said...

Very nice dining room. Love your monogrammed picture design and your lighting fixtures.

Nancy Yoakum said...

Just lovely Jill! You've dine a great job a pro! Isn't Nell Hill's fun? I never leave there empty handed, and Springtime seems to be a great time to visit her store, always loaded with goodies. I enjoy the original store in Atchison much better than the new one ob Briarcliff which seems a little stuffy. Don't get me wring if I win the lotto, I'd be there in a heartbeat!

Smiles, Nancy

Bluebell said...

Your dining room is lovely, I love the wall pocket, everything looks very elegant you must be very proud of all you have done.
Love Gill

Kim said...

Hey Jill, Thanks for visiting my blog. That initial frame was custom made by Kristen's Creations. You can get there from my blog list at the bottom of my blog. She is very talented and oh so sweet. She has an Etsy shop where she sells her frames.

Carrie said...

What a stately room...I enjoyed seeing the fine architectural features and your choice of furnishings.

Dianne said...

I loved seeing pics of your dining room. I especially love the wall color! Would you mind sharing the color and paint brand if you remember it? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You have a lovely home, thanks for sharing....

Leisa said...

I love your house and how you make us feel right at home. I missed you while you were gone. Leisa

Rue said...

Hi Jill :)

Your dining room looks beautiful!

I think people want to hear about the chickens.... or is that just me? LOL


kayleeg2005 said...

Hi, Jill, Love your home, and your dining room is so beautiful, great job, and love the ivy too, lovely!

kayleeg2005 said...

Hi, Jill, Love your home, and your dining room is so beautiful, great job, and love the ivy too, lovely!

Colleen said...

Your dining room is gorgeous!!!!!

Nancy Rosalina said...

Hi Jill, your dining room is GORGEOUS!!!! Love it all!!! Hope you get over that bloggers block soon!!! Nancy

Linda in AZ * said...

* Hi! I'm so glad I "accidentlaly found you", Jill! "The read", AND the pics of your charming home, are just wonderful~~~ what a fun "visit" I had!!! Thanks so very much! ~~~ "I villlll be baaaaack!"~~~ Best, Linda in AZ *

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

I have missed your posts lately! I get bloggers block a lot too and also get so busy that I can't get a minute to blog. Just anything will do though.... post what you had for lunch... heck I just like knowing you are still out there.

I love the pictures of your home! It is just beautiful! I do love the cute little spoon too!

Can't wait to see the next post!!!

Lorna ~ Lace and Ivy Cottage said...

Please stop by my blog, I have an award for you!

workhard said...

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Anonymous said...

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TheWildChild said...

Just adorable. xoxo

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