Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cozy Little Corners

Dear Friends,
Do you like cozy corners?
I always have liked to tuck my little flea market finds into cozy little vignettes.
Now, it is really hard to take pictures
of cozy corners because the lighting isn't very good...
the whole reason that they're cozy!
Great lighting, or not, here are some cozy corners in Hickory Hollow...

This is a cozy corner in my laundry room. I found this primitive country shelf at a garage sale last year. It was too wide, but my favorite husband, Doug trimmed the sides for me so I could squeeze it between the wall and my cabinet. Of course I needed a little lamp for cute lighting. This is also a great place to display a couple of country aprons. My mom gave me the teacup embroidered one for Christmas.

My friend Cheryl, made me an herbal wreath for my birthday! Isn't it precious. Cheryl loves all things cozy and toile. If in a pinch I run out of herbs in the pantry, I probably could harvest a couple of stems from here!

~ A Cozy Kitchen Corner ~
Here is a cozy corner tucked between my built-in pantry and my black cupboard.
This a perfect place to tuck in another apron. Cheryl also made this for me for my birthday.
Remember when I found the free Susan Branch apron pattern and shared it with you?
Well, Cheryl made me a toile Susan Branch apron!

A little red berry wreath and teapot hanger.

On the other side of my cupboard is a stack of baskets.
They are my Longabergers. Much to pretty hide in a closet.

I bought these several years ago.
So glad that I choose a red, green & gold liner!
The one on the bottom is a cupcake basket.
It has a wooden tray that sits in it so you can transport a dozen cupcakes!

A little wire hen.
Usually she sits on my kitchen table with flowering plant.

~Cozy Living Room Corner~
I cozied up a corner in my living room with a new plaid curtain.
Love, Love LOVE this curtain!
My inspiration was from looking at pictures of Paula Deen's living room.

I tucked in my little white wicker table.
This was the table I bought at the country auction, some of you may remember.
Behind it is a mirror that I daringly painted black!

Love this little pot of posies and the glazed pears!

~A Cozy Counter Corner~
Goodness, I play with this corner all the time.
Sometimes I have my flour and sugar containers sitting out
with their toile teacup scoops. Sometimes I have a basket of seasonal cookbooks nestled in here.
Just last week, I remembered a thrifty painted tray I had and thought that would be great to add behind Mr. Rooster. My Rooster is a pitcher, what great thrifty find!

I am on the lookout now for a cozy little chair to add to a corner in my bedroom.
I want to make myself a little reading nook.

I have been keeping very busy this past week!
I am substitute teaching for an extended time in 1st. grade.
I even get to do some lesson planning!
March will be here soon,
so I have been gathering rainbows, leprechauns, and shamrocks
for some fun things to do with the children to decorate the classroom.
Today I am off to purchase green glitter!
Dangling shamrocks need to be glittery, don't they?
I want to say *Hi* to all my new followers!
Welcome to Hickory Hollow.
And THANK YOU to all who leave me such wonderfully sweet comments.
I do try to return the visit, but sometimes, I just don't make it.
But just know that your comments brighten MY day!
See You Soon!


Stacey said...

Hi Jill. :) Your corners all look so sweet. I think the little spots like that make a house much more homey. Great job!

Do you remember what color your living room wall paint is? I repainted my dining room a few weeks ago...the same color as the rest of the house and I'm not happy with it. I'm glad the red is gone but I need some color in there. Still debating about drapes too.

I'm glad to see you are posting regularly again. I just love to visit your blog. Your home is gorgeous and the Carpenters just make my day. :)

Donna said...

Ooh! Thanks for sharing all your cozy, little corners with us. They are all so cute. Love your home.


Salmagundi said...

Loved seeing the cozy corners of your wonderful house! Now, I need to walk around my house and see if I have some corners that need cozied up! Is cozied a word??? Hope you are staying warm - I know you are staying busy. Sally

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Cozy corners are one of my favorite things...probably most of us feel the same way.
Hope your Sunday is wonderful!

Kim said...

Hey Jill, That was a great tour of your coziness! How great that you are getting to make a difference in the lives of little children. Good for you. I teach 3rd Grade Sunday School each week with my husband and it brings us so much joy. Be sure to stop by and enter my blogaversary giveaway!

Barb said...

Very pretty....Barb

Melinda said...

Jill--Your corners ARE cozy!
Have fun with your first graders.


Cottage Rose said...

Hello Jill... Sounds like you are having a really great time Teaching... I just love your cozy corners... they are just so pretty... I love those plaid curtains, too. you have a wonderful knack of putting the perfect items together...thank you for sharing... have a wonderful week.


Mich said...

Your house is always so pretty. LOVE all the flea market treasures.

Kim's Treasures said...

Love your home! Thank you for sharing your coziness!!!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

You have wonderful cozy corners! I love everyone of them. My corners are not too cozy yet...still working on the center of the rooms :-)

Unknown said...

I just found your blog. I love it, it is lovely.
I too am blogging from Missouri.
I will visit often.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Jill....Your home looks so cozy and you have really settled in nicely with your beautiful decorating! All your cozy corners are very inviting!~Hugs, Patti

Sharon said...

Love your cozy corners! And the plaid curtains are just the bomb-diggity. May use your room to inspire me. You certainly have a talent for cozy anything. Have a great week and enjoy those little first-graders.

The Mama Monkey said...

Oh, those baskets just look perfect there! :) I kept thinking how great those liners were as well!!

( word verification for this comment was hoties!! Well, thank you! HA!)

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

I am also a lover of cozy corners! Yours a beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Tam said...

Your Pictures are amazing! Everything looks great! Your home is beautiful and you should be in a magazine!!!!

Tracy said...

Love it! Your house is gorgeous girl!

Unknown said...

I love your corner!

Mary Lou said...

Just found your blog. Nice job! I'll be back!!

Unknown said...

Oh I love me a cozy corner too. They are the most fun to do! :)


Mary Lou said...

I hope you live on a corner lot..If so, it will be a cozy one..Why are my corners NOT cozy? I need inspiration from you and Paula Dean!!!

joyh82 said...

Longabergers are such beautiful baskets. Love your little corner displays. Have a great week!

Tam said...

I forgot to mention...I heart your Baskets. I have most of the same ones! I was an addict for many years! LOL I still have a hard time saying the word Longaberger withouth my eyes glazing over!

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Lovely home you have, I see you have an eye for decorating. Its so very comfortable.
I see you like Longaberger. I too use to collect. I kept a few but have since sold most. Now I have more room to fill with my other new interest.

Miss Liz said...

What wonderfully cozy little corners! It makes everything feel so homey.

Unknown said...

Happy Mother's Day Miss Jill. Hope this finds you well. Thinking of ya and missing your lovely posts! :)


Unknown said...

I can't wait to check out Mary Carol Garrity. Love your site, so feminine.

Birds of a Feather said...

Hi Jill -
It's been a while, just stopping over to let you know about a little hen party I've cooked up ~ hope you'll join in the fun!

xo Heidi

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

I had bookmarked one of your pictures of your hutch because I just love it. Today I was looking them over and realized I wasn't following your blog! So now I am. I just love all your cozy little corners!!

Chanda said...

I miss you Jill. Hope you all are doing good and wish youcould join us here in blog land ever once in a while.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Hi Jill!
Long time, no see! I don't know how I lost track of your blog, but I did. I was going through my "favorite blogs" links to make sure they we all still around and re-found you.

Your corners are very cozy indeed. I enjoyed catching up with you. Come visit when you have time. I am signing up to follow you, so I don't lose you again! I do most of my posts on my Comforts of Home blog now.
The Comfort of Homes said...

Love the baskets stacked in the corner with the chicken on top. I have the same drapes in my living room and dining room.Everything is just lovely.

Donna said...

Beautiful cozy vignettes and a beautiful home! I have a few Longaberger baskets and love them!


Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Jill ~it was such a pleasure catching up with you.
I always enjoy seeing what you've got in store.
These lil' corner vignettes touched my creative style too. I think they're so inviting and capture a story. Projecting a 3d canvas sort of speak. whats extra nice these paintings can be rearranged to fit our moods or season.

I hope your weekend is filled with a splendid surprise.
Sweet wishes,

Neesie said...

Hello from Australia. What a delighful Blog Jill. I've only just found you but am now a follower. You've a beautiful home which looks so inviting and homely.
Your photo's are adorable too.
Thanks for sharing...your giving me inspiration on so many levels ;)
I'm not sure why my photo doesn't come through when I post a comment like everyone else...Grrr...still so much to learn....but loving the learning process.

piccolaceleste said...

ciao... che meraviglia complimenti di cuore...sono una nuova tua sostenitrice, baci a presto.

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