Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Friendly Village

I do I ever LOVE dishes. I actually have way too many dishes. I saw this little set of dishes in our local thrift store over a year ago. I just kept passing them by. Then one day, while I was at work, I decided... I must have those dishes! They would be perfect for Thanksgiving. So I had my mom call the thrift store to see if they still had them. Now, I get in an utter panic when I decide, you know months later, that I simply must have something. I am crossing fingers and toes hoping that they are still there. So mom called, they were closed for remodeling but, yes they still had my dishes for a whopping $4.00. A new collection has begun!

I am going with new a decorating scheme at Hickory Hollow. I have always loved the mismatched cottage look. I tried really hard this time for a more formal look, but I just kept feeling that I wasn't quite home. I have been keeping an eye out for interesting pieces that have a more country house/cottage feel. One day as we were pulling into school, I saw a
table and chair set by the road. It was literally smack dab in front of the school. You know the feeling.... heart starts beating rapidly, panic sets in, I have GOT to have that! Especially when I saw the $30 price tag. I could hardly wait for Doug to stop the truck (he teaches high school math, at the same school) so I could run across the street. Banging on the door I finally get a young gal to answer. So happy when she would hold it for me to after school!

Whew... I really like it in my breakfast room. It is not so large and makes the area seem larger and I love how the black and oak look together and the pedestal base. It is a bit distressed, I actually need to sand down some areas more. But it was just what I was looking for!

Tomorrow we are going to go to the city to pick up a sofa, chair and ottoman set I found on Craig's List. I will give you a hint for next week's post... The name of the furniture set is called
Grandma's Attic!


The Mama Monkey said...

Yup, that is totally you my friend! I think I may have to hire you to come decorate my house when we retire. :) And I get that same panic when I finally decide I 'must' have something. Usually it is shoes though. LOL

Salmagundi said...

Great minds think alike! I came upon a huge set of Friendly Village a year ago - I paid a lot more than $4.00, but I love them. It is a service for 12 with lots of extra pieces. Also, we've gone with natural wood/black in our dining room. So looking forward to your future posts! Sally

Jamie @ Domestically Vintage said...

I absolutely love your blog! It's just perfection! I actually found it right before you stopped blogging. You have inspired me in my home decorating and to even start my own blog! It's wonderful to see you blogging again! I sort of followed a few small things you've done on your blog as a guide line. I hope you don't mind!
Thank you,
~ Jamie

Row. said...

I lit up when I saw that new background...Welcome Back!

Row. said...

I lit up when I saw the new backdrop-Welcome Back! : )

Row. said...

I lit up, when I saw your new Background...Welcome Back! can't wait to hear about all your new adventures both at home and school. (I also work full time at an elementary school)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dishes....can't believe you got them for $4.00! The table and chairs look great in your breakfast room!

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